Preschool en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo
Preschool en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo
Preschool en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo
Preschool en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo
Preschool en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo

Neuroeducation - Multiple Intelligences

A welcoming environment that provides our children with well-being and enjoyment through poetry, stories etc.

Learning based on challenges is one of the most motivating methodologies, giving a practical sense to the knowledge acquired by linking them with the personal, family and social environment of the students. Children will face problem situations by investigating in a cooperative, globalised and interdisciplinary way, naturally integrating ICT, thinking strategies and emotional education.
Experimenting, manipulating research and playing are the keys to success for motivation and learning to think.

English and Spanish. Native teachers have specific training in the Jolly Phonics methodology.
It is the official method used in the United Kingdom to learn English as a first language.
It is a more fun, multisensory and child-centred way to teach them to speak and write through the so-called “synthetic phonics”.

Mathematical learning based on the theory of multiple intelligences. The student is accompanied in the process of concrete and abstract thinking, highly motivated in their learning by physical, sensory and social stimulation.

A creative literacy program with the aim of promoting neurological development. Language as a stimulus for oral and written communication and comprehension.

Emotional Education has a fundamental role in our Centre, helping the children manage their emotions and show empathy with others. Emotional intelligence in the school environment.

This subject, taught in English and in a transdisciplinary way, develops the skills of artistic expression, in an environment of research and respect. This plastic language is key to the intelligence, imagination, perceptive and creative development of the student.

Introduction to musical language and piano. The method helps to awaken in the students a passion and respect for music, to channel it as a vehicle of expression and creativity, to know, produce and discriminate the basic parameters of musical language.

Physical excellence, control, breathing and balance. Yoga classes for children are fun, turning the different postures into a game. Imaginary trips and songs are also used.

for Pre-School with BEE BOT.
Helping children to start out in the world of computer programming ​​in a natural and playful way; learning to overcome daily challenges by putting into practice concepts and cognitive skills related to the different curricular areas.