Nursery School

Nursery School 1 en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo
Nursery School 2 en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo
Nursery School 3 en Colegio Liceo Mediterráneo

School is the continuation of the family environment. Liceo Mediterráneo considers collaboration with families a fundamental aspect for development and success in students´ education.

The bond with our families in Nursery school is improved thanks to our DIGITAL AGENDA. From any device they can access the detailed information of their children.

Teachers send daily information (BABY CONTROL) about each child's day to their family concerning all important aspects such as food, sleep and socialisation among others, independent of the appropriate individual meetings held between tutor and family.

Our project is based on a way of educating that is sensitive and respectful of the nature of each child, a way of educating that ensures the student enjoys the classroom. Focusing on fundamental aspects at this stage such as sensory stimulation, emotional education and learning to think, this methodology prioritises the teaching of the procedures, skills and abilities necessary for children to internalise problem solving.

In order to ensure that we teach our students a knowledge of reality as a whole, globally and based on the student's experience, to make learning meaningful and motivating, our processes and procedures in the classroom are always related to their own reality.

Promotion of well-being first and foremost, an emotionally healthy and playful environment. Individualised attention taking into consideration the personality of each child.

At this stage, students are permanently immersed in the Spanish and English languages. In Nursery classes our 4 months, 1 and 2 year olds have daily contact with the English language, in this way, the little ones become familiar with their second language.

Teaching English at this stage is totally playful and enjoyable, so it relies on stories, songs and games in which oral communication predominates.

At this stage the objective is to develop group activities aimed at stimulating a love for music and its incorporation into their daily life.

  • Develop habits of attention and order.
  • Develop listening skills.

   An art project that brings the world of pictorial art and children's literature closer to our educational field. Our students learn and use some of the basic techniques and resources of representation and artistic expression.

This project encourages learning mainly through discovery based on observation, experimentation and play, encouraging creative activities for children to fully develop their personality.