Solidarity High School

As part of the UNICEF network of educational centres, The Liceo Mediterráneo is firmly committed to the rights of children and global citizenship.

The educational community of Liceo Mediterráneo shows its support and responsibility through our commitment to the application of all those efforts that contribute to improve our coexistence; via the establishment of a culture of peace, non-violence, coeducation, non-discrimination and respect for Human Rights.

The Centre actively collaborates with different Organizations, informing and involving our students in the process of the activities proposed by each of the organizations, making them participants and aware of the values ​​and needs that each group promotes.

UNICEF network of educational centres

Other UNICEF Events

Every year, since 2015, our centre organises a solidarity run through the streets and parks of El Ejido, in favour of a charity in our area.

Other UNICEF Events
World Children's Rights Day
Celebration of the World Day for the Rights of the Child in association with the Almería Council Office.
Other UNICEF Events
UNICEF solidarity dinners.
Solidarity dinner celebrations in favour of UNICEF.
Food collection
Food collection.
Food collection Charity: Every year, our ESO and BACHILLERATO students are part of UNICEF's volunteer group for charity food collection.

Cross urbano Solidario Liceo Mediterráneo:

Cada año, desde 2015, nuestro centro organiza un cross urbano solidario por las calles y parques de El Ejido, a favor de alguna asociación de nuestra zona.

I Cross Solidario Liceo
Race I (2015)
Down's Syndrome Association, El Ejido.

II Cross Solidario Liceo
Race II (2016)
Almería Brain damage Association - VIVIR

III Cross Solidario Liceo
Race III (2017)
Almería Autism Association - ALTEA

IV Cross Solidario Liceo
Race IV (2018)
Almería Association for children with cancer – ARGAR

UNICEF Charity Festival

Every year, since 2015, our centre organises in the Auditorium of El Ejido, a charity festival, the proceeds of which are donated entirely to UNICEF.

1st Charity Festival
1st Charity Festival.
2nd Charity Festival
2nd Charity Festival.
3rd Charity Festival
3rd Charity Festival.
4th Charity Festival
4th Charity Festival.