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The educational project of this stage places the emphasis on the formation of responsible, international citizens, critical thinkers, capable of transforming their environment and the world around them with a solid education in values.

In our Centre we offer the national baccalaureate, which enables them to take the assessment for university access (Selectividad) and American dual baccalaureate.

Spanish baccalaureate

We offer these different baccalaureate modules:
  • Sciences and technology.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Science and health.
At the end of the stage, the baccalaureate qualification is granted that gives access to university, a Certificate of Higher Education or into the working world. At Liceo we have a clear commitment to educational requirements, which translate into a very high academic level and an optimal preparation of the student to face their professional and personal future, as shown by the results obtained each year in the “Selectividad” tests (100% pass rate)

American Baccalaureate

The Liceo Mediterráneo school has implemented the American Baccalaureate as another tool to promote educational excellence. This initiative is part of the academic innovation programme and aims to help students achieve a double objective: to reach the highest level of proficiency in English and facilitate their access to American and British universities.

This American Baccalaureate program has been created by the Academica Corporation and is recognised anywhere in the United States and its universities. Through its virtual, advanced and innovative curricular design, a high level of preparation is provided to students who wish to access the US and UK universities. The School will supervise the correct development of the program and monitor the evolution of each student. Students will have a dual high school coordinator to answer questions and progress in the program.

This way, the School will offer its students a double qualification: the Spanish Baccalaureate certificate and the United States High School Diploma obtained through the American Baccalaureate.

American Hight School Dual Diploma