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  7. Licemar Educación S.L.L. will adopt security measurements for the protection of the personal data that in the future the user could provide. Nevertheless, Licemar Educación S.L.L. can not guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems.
  8. Licemar Educación S.L.L. reserves the right for stopping any of the free of charge services offered in its website. It also reserves, the right to modify, without previous warning, the presentation and the terms of use f the website as well as the services and the conditions required for its use, inluding cessation of the free, and without assuming any responsibility derivated of that fact.
  9. The user accepts that the personal data facilitated by him or that are provided in the future to Licemar Educación S.L.L. could be object of treatment in a personal data file. These data recorded could be used for statistics purposes, advertising according user preferences, service administration and incidences management. These data recorded could be used for statistics purposes, advertising according user preferences, service administration and incidences management. Licemar Educación S.L.L. is responsible of this file. The titular of the data will have the right of accessing to the automated file, and can modify, cancel and opposition from data protection legislation. For that purpose they must direct via letter, fax, e-mail, or any other valid via.
  10. ElThe user is obliged to respect the restrictions in the use of the service ruled by  Licemar Educación S.L.L..
  11. Call relationship with our customers that could derivate from the services content in our website are under spanish legislation and submit themselves to the courts and tribunals of Almería. The users are informed of that issue and they accept voluntarily.

Privacity Policy

Licemar Educación S.L.L. ha elaborado esta declaración de privacidad de los datos para corroborar el compromiso con la protección de privacidad de sus usuarios.

  1. El objetivo de nuestra política de privacidad es proteger la calidad y la integridad de sus datos personales.
  2. Licemar Educación S.L.L. has redacted this declaration of privacy of the data to corroborate the commitment with the protection of the privacy of its users.
  3. The target of our privacy policy is to protect the quality and the integrity of your personal data.
  4. Licemar Educación S.L.L. has the commitment to protect the security of the data you provide us and to take reasonable precautions in order to protect your personal data against any abuse.
  5. Data will be object of automated treatment and incorporated to our database, Licemar Educación S.L.L. will be unique responsible and owner of these data
  6. All information you provide use will be reserved exclusively for the trade activities of Licemar Educación S.L.L.. No stranger person will have access to these data.
  7. In any case Licemar Educación S.L.L. will share this information with third parties that could identify individually its users without the consent of the user.
  8. The user could exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and oposition of his personal data. For your better comfort you can exercise this rights by e-mail in the adress Paseo de las Mimosas 12 El Ejido (Almería), by phone to (+34) 950 57 34 78.
  9. Licemar Educación S.L.L. has adopted the necessary technical and organizative measurements to guarantee your personal data to avoid ist alteration, lost, treatment or non authorized access in conformity with the requirements and conditions of the Royal Decree 994/1999, published in June, 11.
  10. This policy can be changed by Licemar Educación S.L.L. if considers it is necesary.